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About Us

Utilizing a client-first philosophy, Financial Decisions Group (FDG) provides expertise and guidance to clients when it comes to retirement planning, tax-efficient strategies and investment planning to estate preservation, life insurance and 401(k)s. We pride ourselves on delivering unbiased, clear strategies through effective communication to help give clients confidence in their futures. We think big picture and you should too.
As holistic planners, our team’s goal is to help each client achieve and maintain financial independence throughout retirement by preserving, protecting and growing their wealth. With our combined experience in the industry, we’re truly dedicated to their financial well-being.

We serve each client with integrity and a high level of service, helping ensure they never outlive their income. We also partner with professionals outside of our firm to make certain you’re receiving the exact services you need to feel confident in your retirement.
Get to know us, because we’re excited at the opportunity to get to know you better, too.