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When it comes to comprehensive financial planning, Financial Decisions Group has you covered. We understand each client is unique, which is why our approach takes into account your particular goals and objectives, allowing us to customize each area of your retirement strategy. Once your course of action is developed, there is always flexibility within the strategy to tweak and adjust as your needs change.

FDG is committed to working in your best interests, ensuring you understand how your money is working for you.

What can FDG do for you? Let us know.

Retirement Income Strategies

As you approach retirement, your life focus shifts form planning for the present to planning for the future. In many cases, this can cause soon-to-be retirees to stress and become concerned about their financial situations. We can help guide you in the right direction.

Tax-Efficient Strategies

We understand the importance of making sure you take advantage of all the tax deductions and exemptions available to you, as well as understand the commonly overlooked tax-reduction strategies for retirement. We are also up-to-date on the latest tax planning and potential reduction strategies for retirees and how to take them, so your income in retirement is maximized.

Investment Planning

We are committed to sharing our financial experience and informing you on the products in your portfolio, how they work and why they are a fit for your unique situation.

Estate Preservation

How do you pass your wealth on to your beneficiaries? How do you direct assets to charitable interests? How do you protect your business interests and keep them positioned for success in the future? All of these should be considered, and decisions made to create a dynamic plan. Let us help you protect your estate.

Life Insurance

Be confident your loved ones are protected with a contract between you and a life insurance company. It specifies the insurer will provide either a stated sum or a periodic income to your designated beneficiaries upon your death. Let us guide you through all the options.


401(k)s could impact your retirement and your financial future. We can help you uncover the options you have for managing your old and current 401(k) plan.